Cleveland Clinic improves Patient Experience through patient lounge at Airport

PLX Academy · News · 28 March 2022

Ohio-based Cleveland Clinic is looking to open a patient lounge at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to better accommodate patients’ traveling to and from the hospital.  The lounge would offer concierge and hospitality services for patients of the Clinic traveling to and from Cleveland .

„About 3,000 patients fly into Cleveland for Clinic services each year . We are looking at the possibility of а welcome center for patients traveling both domestically and internationally for care at one of our locations,” said Angie Kiska, a Cleveland Clinic spokesperson.

“The welcome center would be open to all patients and their families, for support and guidance as soon as they land in Cleveland“. In the past, the Clinic has hosted patients from all 50 states and from 185 countries, according to Kiska.

The clinic proposed to the City Council a plan to renovate a 480-square-foot space inside the airport that would offer concierge and hospitality services to help patients make travel arrangements to the airport and hospital or help coordinate travel arrangements for patients’ family members.

If approved by the City Council, the clinic would lease the space from the airport for at least three years, paying about $104,000 annually.

The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota appears to have a similar lounge at Rochester International Airport, where traveling patients can visit a help desk that provides appointment and transportation information.