Exercise can provide relief for dry, itchy eyes


PLX Academy · News · 29 March 2022


Exercise can relief dry eyes

Physical activity, in addition to being important for our well – being, greatly affects eye health and visual quality.  Researchers at the University of Waterloo have found that exercise increases the secretion of tear fluid, which reduces their drying and relieves itching.

„With so much of our activity tied to screen usage, dry eye symptoms are becoming increasingly common.  Instead of using eye drops or other medical treatments on a daily basis, with regular exercises can make your eyes feel better ,  ” said Dr. Heinz Ochere, a PhD candidate in vision science at Waterloo. 

The tear fluid is the protective covering of the eyes and when we blink, it covers their surface. The tear fluid hydrates the eyes, protects them from irritation, dust and dirt. When it is unstable, dry spots develop, which cause itching or burning of the eyes.

Researchers from Cape Coast University in Ghana also participated in the study, which was recently published in the journal Experimental Eye Research. The research was done on the basis of rapid eye examinations of athletes and non-athletes, five minutes before and after exercise.